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Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
Amee Metals Pvt Ltd. Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
copper tube products brass tube products Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
Amee Metals Pvt Ltd. brass products
Amee Metals Pvt Ltd. Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
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Copper and Brass Products

» Copper Tube

We offer a wide range of copper tubes, copper products which reduce heat loss, allow easy expansion and contraction and provide protection against corrosive environments. Our copper tubes, copper tube products are available in a size ranging from 3 mm OD x 0.015 mm wall thickness to 50 mm OD x 2.5 mm wall thickness. The copper tubes are supplied in the annealed form, where each tube is packed in a protective manner for easy handling and distribution. Our copper alloy range includes following types of copper products:
DHP Copper TubesDLP Copper TubesETP Copper Tubes
Copper Tube

» Brass Tubes

We offer a comprehensive range of brass tubes, brass tube products, brass wire tubes in various specifications. All our brass tubes have high degree of precision, dimensional accuracy and excellent corrosion resistance. We manufacture brass tubes in a size ranging from 3 mm OD x .015 mm wall thickness to 50 mm OD x 2.5 mm wall thickness in the following compositions, which are readily available in stock.

Our brass tubes and brass tube products are widely used in heat exchangers, refineries, power plants, desalination plants, ship building, condensers, distillers etc.
63/37 Plain Brass TubesAD Brass TubesAL Brass Tubes
Brass Tubes

» Cupro Nickel Tubes

We offer cupro-nickel tubes in various specifications. These cupro nickel tubes, cupro nickel capillary tube are extensively used in highly corrosive environment as our tubes have excellent corrosion resistance properties in saline, polluted as well as running water. Cu Ni alloy also show relative immunity to stress corrosion.
Cupro-Nickel alloys also find application in petroleum refineries and chemical plants.
We supply cupro-nickel tubes in following composition:
90/10 Cupro Nickel Tubes70/30 Cupro Nickel tubes
Cupro Nickel Tubes

» Capillary Tubes

We offer copper capillary tube, copper nickel capillary tubing, brass capillary tube, cu capillary tube, capillary copper tube. These copper capillary tubes, dimensional tolerance for copper capillary tube, copper capillary pipes, cupro nickel capillary tube are supplied in hard or annealed conditions. Our Cu capillary tubes are widely used as a restrictor in the domestic/industrial refrigerators, air-conditioners and heat exchangers.

Our copper capillary tubes, 3mm od capillary tube, are produced according to EN 12450 standard. This way, these tubes are suitable to be used in liquid or gas equipment lines where rigorous control is required over the dimensional smoothing to guarantee constant flow rate. Our capillary copper tubes are compatible with the new refrigerant fluid. The range includes:
Capillary Tubes (R134a)Capillary Tubes (R600)Capillary Tubes(R410)
Capillary Tubes

» Brass & Copper Alloy Rods

We offer a wide range copper and brass alloy rods and other products. These alloy products are used in diverse industrial applications. Our copper and brass products are developed in various specifications in order to meet stringent requirements of international quality standards. These brass & copper alloy products exhibit excellent strength and ductility.
63/37 Brass Rods70/30 Brass Rods
Brass & Copper Alloy Rods

» Brass Wires

We offer copper wire in various specifications of cross section and material specifications. All brass wires are made of 100% pure electrolytic grade copper. This way, our brass wires find wide application in power distribution systems, power control equipment, heavy duty power cables, domestic power cables, industrial transformers etc. Besides having good conductance, our solderable copper wires have less resistivity, which ensures reduced overall losses. Our range includes following types of wire:
EDM Brass WireOrnament Wires
Brass Wires

» Copper Fittings

We offer wide range of brass and copper fittings like U Bends, Elbows, Tees, hollow and other components. Our superior quality fittings find applications in various industrial processes. These brass and copper components are used in HVAC, refrigeration, fluid distribution, air pressure lines, plumbing etc.

All our copper and brass components have very close tolerances, precision dimensions and smooth finishing. This ensures smooth installation and easy dismantling for repair/maintenance job. Our product range includes:
U BendsTubing ElbowsCopper TeesHollow Components
Copper Fittings

» Brass Components

We are manufacturing a range of brass components which deliver long lasting performance. Our brass components are available in different dimensions as well as sizes as per the requirement. These components are also ideal for both domestic as well as international markets. These products are also perfect in finish and also easily affordable.
Brass Components
Brass Components

Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
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Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.
Amee Metals Pvt Ltd.

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